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Valli del Bitto Trading SpA

Valli del Bitto Trading SpA (trading company) was set up in 2003 by Paolo Ciapparelli, who was already president of the Consorzio Salvaguardia Bitto, together with other passionate local entrepreneurs. The creation of a commercial company to support the production of Heritage cheese of Bitto valley turned out to be a good choice which has given years of security to the producers in spite of the difficulties that Heritage cheese has had to face.

The company buys the cheese at an ethical price which covers the increased costs involved when using traditional methods of production requiring many more hours of work.

The “Valli del Bitto Trading Company” is a means of expressing real solidarity, with local farseeing businessmen supporting the cause of Storico. They have risked (and continue to risk) their own money, motivated by a sincere passion for this product, symbol of their land, which was disappearing.

Over several years, the founding members of the company have been joined by others who have shared the values represented by Heritage cheese of the Bitto valley, allowing the Company to build the Bitto Centre in Gerola Alta, with a cheese cellar which is the pride of our territory.

cantina casera
cantina casera

Safeguard of Bitto cheese Heritage Consortium

Today the Consortium for the Safeguard of Heritage cheese of Bitto valley unites about ten producers who continue to produce this cheese using the traditional method: each of these associates works to maintain a series of practical traditions in the summer pastures and supplies the Centre in Gerola Alta with the cheeses produced during the summer season.

The products are taken care of in the natural cellars of the Bitto Centre where they can reach the excellent level of quality required for recognition by the Slow Food Organisation.

The cheese cellar or Bitto Centre in Gerola Alta, is run by Valli del Bitto trading spa, a limited company set up in 2003 according to the wishes of Paolo Ciapparelli and other local entrepreneurs.

Thanks to their enthusiasm and to the contributions of the founding members, joined over the years by numerous smaller shareholders, the company has supported the traditional production, guaranteeing an ethical price for the cheese producers who work the summer pastures.

This guarantee has strengthened the union of the faithful traditional method producers, who can count upon an organisation able to promote their products, their professionality and their enthusiasm.

cantina casera


Valli del Bitto SpA is a means of giving concrete solidarity and support to Heritage Bitto in order to preserve a cultural patrimony of the territory made up of traditions inherited from past generations, of technical capabilities, of knowledge and practices dictated by nature.

gerola alta

Our goal

We want to promotes Storico in the local and international markets by participating in the most important Slow Food exhibitions and in the best speciality food and wine fairs. 

If we are to safeguard the traditions of Heritage cheese of Bitto valley we cannot ignore modern channels of communication and globalisation: the internet has played a key role in forming well informed consumers who look abroad for GOOD, CLEAN AND RIGHT products.

Food doesn’t only represent pleasure but is becoming a real “agricultural act”

C. Petrini


Today the Valli del Bitto has more than one hundred shareholders who, with their contribution, support and promote this excellent Italian product.

storico ribelle invacchiato

Heritage Bitto’s patrimony has turned out to be the real strength behind the development of the Orobic Alps area and the basis of the territorial marketing strategy for the whole of the Valtellina.

Citizens and entrepreneurs from different economic sectors have created a commercial structure in support of this heroic production, a support network which acts, in reality, as a nonprofit organisation, and as an example of corporate social responsibility.

Gift a dedicated cheese

Certainly a wheel of Storico Ribelle is a one-of-a-kind gift, but who wouldn't be happy to receive it?

To request a dedicated cheese, download the form, fill it, pay the account on the indicated Iban code, and send alll to us by e-mail to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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