Storico Ribelle
Slow Food Presidia

Heritage and expression of heroic mountain agriculture

storico ribelle

The Company


Valli del Bitto Trading SpA (trading company) was set up in 2003 by Paolo Ciapparelli, who was already president of the Consorzio Salvaguardia Bitto, together with other passionate local entrepreneurs.

The “Valli del Bitto Trading Company” is a means of expressing real solidarity, with local farseeing businessmen supporting the cause of Storico.

cantina casera
casera stagionatura

A cheese,

Bitto Storico Mountain Pasture

Alpe Valvedrano

Angelo Acquistapace

Alpe Trona Vaga

Manuel Ciocchini e Erica Mazzola

Alpe Bomino Soliva

Samuele Martinoli, Donatella Auguadri e Serena Martinoli

Alpe Ancogno Soliva

F.lli Duca, Carlo Duca

Alpe Cavizzola

Alfio Sassella, Sonia Marioli, Fortunato Maffezzini

Alpe Orta Soliva

Dino Papini

Alpe Pedena

Oreste Petrelli

Where you find 
the real Rebel

Come meet us

The Bitto Storico Salvaguardia Consortium is based in Gerola Alta, a small village nestled in the Orobie Valtellinesi Park. The town hosts Bitto Storico Centre with our our tasting room, the shop and our aging cellar, cooled by a natural ventilation system: the Bitto stream.

More than three thousand forms are kept here, which are aged for up to ten years. Thepastures of ourproducers are located on the Orobie pre-Alps, include areas of the Province of Sondrio, Bergamo and Lecco, and are loaded from mid-June to early September.

Bitto Centre

Opening hours

  • Monday – Friday
    2pm – 6pm
  • Tuesday
  • Saturday – Sunday
    10am – 6pm

Gift a dedicated cheese

Certainly a wheel of Storico Ribelle is a one-of-a-kind gift, but who wouldn't be happy to receive it?

To request a dedicated cheese, download the form, fill it, pay the account on the indicated Iban code, and send alll to us by e-mail to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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